Friends of St. Peter-Schule

Dear friends of the St. Peter-Schule,

Getting to know other parents? Making our school even more interesting and exciting for the kids? Realising a Circus project week? To achieve this and much more for you and for the kids is the aim of our “Förderverein”.

The “Förderverein” is a group of people, who want to support the several initiatives around our school. The members are parents, teachers, former students and many other friends of the St. Peter-Schule,

You can support the “Förderverein” by becoming a member for a yearly fee starting from EUR 12. Higher contributions are of course welcome as well. We are constantly trying to find to new sources of donations, add new sponsors and are grateful for any support in that context. In addition we are also looking also for helping hands to assist us during our activities at the first day of school, the school party and many other activities throughout the year.

Currently the school and the “Fördervein” are working on a special highlight for the kids at our school. A project week with the topic “Circus” is planned for Spring 2018. This event will be for sure a memorable event for all students and the “Förderverein” will support this project financially.

We would like to encourage you to become a member of the “Förderverein” and make our school an even better place for the kids. You will just need to sign the attached form and give it directly to one of the board members or drop it off at the school office.

We are looking forward to welcome you!

Kind regards

Kirsten Wolf
1. Vorsitzende

Christine Gambadoro/ Susanne Mosso
2. Vorsitzende

Frank Severns