Aktuelle Projekte / current projects

Dear parents, dear members of the Förderverein,

shortly before the Easter holidays will begin, we would like to take opportunity to inform you about the latest news and developments at our school. With your help we were able to support some very nice activities and finance important equipment.

Firstly we received a donation of EUR 1.500. A parent won this sum for the St. Peter School in a lottery organised by her employer. With that money we were able to complete the set of iPads. The school has now 15 and thus not more than 2 kids have to share a tablet.

Additionally we financed some urgently needed materials for the sport class. Based on a list of the respective teachers the Förderverein purchased balls for different games and other equipment. This should only be the beginning. Jointly with the school head and the sport teachers we will establish a list of what is still needed and continue to improve the sport materials. Furthermore we bought 4 Batakas for the school. These are anti-agression-tools, with which the kids can learn to handle their anger in a constructive and playful manner.

With the support of the Düsseldorfer bookstore Dietsch we were able to buy new books for the school library. This should also not be a one-off. With your help we would like to continuously update the library with new books.

Do you like to read? Or do you want to support children, that are just about to discover their passion for books? Then why not joint the „St. Peter-Leseeltern“, a project the Förderverein want to start in coordination with the school. If you are interested, please conctact one of board members of the Förderverein.

In the coming weeks the circus week will be an important project at our school. Our kids will organise a proper circus! Also here the Förderverein will support financially and we already received a donation in that context.

As you can see there are many positive and encouraging developments at our school and these would definitely not be possible without your help  and support. The challenges in the normal school life will surely not decrease and the need to finance projects and buy equipment of different kinds will be a constant task. Therefore we are very happy if you support the Förderverein as a member or help us with a donation.

In the coming weeks we will send out the invitation for the annual meeting of the Förderverein members. We are looking forward to see you there. Of course this will be open for all interested parents and not only for the members.

Happy Easter and relaxing holidays!

The board of the Förderverein


Frühere Projekte / past projects

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